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How the best placed runner-up is worked out and who plays who in the semi-finals.

I have been asked how the best placed runner up is calculated in the sections for the Cups at the start of the season.

The Marquee Trophy is quite straight forward.

All the Sections have 4 teams so the runner-up with the most points goes through. If more than one team have the same number of points then it is decided on goal difference, then goals scored.

The 2 Tay Valley Shield Trophies are different because some Sections have 4 teams and some have 5. Working out the best runner-up simply by the most points would be unfair for a team in a Section of 4 as they play 1 less game. Therefore it is decided by points average. This is calculated by the number of points won by the number of games played. Whoever has the most points after this calculation is made goes through. If more than one team still end up on the same points then goal difference decides it, then average goals scored, this is worked out the same way the points are by taking the number of goals scored and dividing them by the number of games played.

The Lunan Trophy has 4 Sections so the winner of each section goes through, there is no best runners-up place.

When the draws for the Cups are made, the draw for the semi-finals are also made. This is how they turned out.

Marquee Trophy
Winner Section 2 v Winner Section 1
Winner Section 3 v Best Runner-up

Tay Valley Shield 1
Best Runner-up v Winner Section 3
Winner Section 1 v Winner Section 2

Tay Valley Shield 2
Winner Section 3 v Best Runner-up
Winner Section 1 v Winner Section 2

Lunan Trophy
Winner Section 1 v Winner Section 4
Winner Section 3 v Winner Section 2

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